Monday, November 28, 2016

Orb 365 - A Community Art Collaborative with the Lake Superior Ice Festival

Be a part of the 2018 Superior Ice Festival, a celebration of Winter and Water, by contributing to ORB 365! 

Work with your family, friends, school or community group, or as an individual, to contribute to this community art installation by creating ice orbs! 

Each orb represents a day of the year that water is important to us. 

All ice orbs will be arranged into a larger installation on Barker's Island for the  Lake Superior Ice Festival (Jan. 26-28th).

1. Complete and email a pledge form to make ice orbs ( or 715-394-0392). We will provide all necessary materials and instructions.

2. Fill balloons with water and place outside or in a freezer until frozen (2-4 days depending upon air temperature). 

3. Deliver frozen orbs to Barker’s Island on Thursday Jan. 25 between 10:30am-12pm or 4:30-5:30pm (or arrange for pick-up). 

All Orbs must be delivered in frozen form by 5:30 PM on Thursday Jan. 25th.

4. Visit the Lake Superior Ice Festival on Barker’s Island anytime between Jan. 27th-29th to see your contribution to the celebration! Learn more about the event on the Ice Festival website.

Contact Andrea with any questions, for Ice Orb materials, or to arrange for pick up of Orbs: 
       715-394-0392 or email:

Download a detailed guide to making Ice Orbs the pledge form, or a poster for the event.

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