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As part of our stormwater permit, we're required to do public education about stormwater.  We go to a lot of events and talk to people about run off and water pollution.  We also give them pamphlets with information that they can take home so they don't forget it.  While we hope that everyone visits us at these events (we even give out free stuff sometimes!), we know that everyone can't make it to every event.  We still want to get you the information, though.  This page will provide you with some information that you can print or just view online.  It will be useful, and some of it will even be fun!

Adopt your Neighborhood Storm Drain
A brochure for Adopt your Neighborhood Storm Drain campaign.

After the Flush Word Search
A word search with wastewater treatment plant jargon.

Aquatic Invasive Species Brochure
Brochure with pictures of invasive species and information about how to prevent their spread.

Compost Brochure
Information about the benefits of composting and details on how to compost.

EPA Games and Activities
Play games and learn about water from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Green Cleaning Brochure
Recipes for green cleaning products.

Healthy H2O
A handout about stormwater pollution and how to prevent it.

Low Impact Development Brochure
Information about LID techniques.

Pet Waste Digester Information
Fact sheet about pet waste and creating a pet waste digester.

Rain Barrel Brochure
Information about the benefits of rain barrels and installation tips.

Recycle Used Oil
This is an informational poster about recycling used oil.

Salt Brochure
A brochure about snow/ice removal and winter salting tips.

Scoop the Poop Word Search
A word search using pet waste vocabulary

Shoreline/Streambank Management
Information about managing a shoreline/streambank to prevent erosion, water pollution, and habitat loss.

Stormwater Superstars
This book teaches younger kids all about stormwater pollution.  It should be printed double-sided.

Waste Disposal Guide (Commercial)
A guide to disposal locations for items that shouldn't be landfilled.

Waste Disposal Guide (Residential)
Locations for disposal of items that shouldn't be landfilled.  It should be printed double-sided

Wonderful Water
Wonderful Water Answer Key
This book teaches kids about the water cycle, stormwater, and pollution through fun activities.  It should be printed double-sided.

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