Friday, March 29, 2013

We're excited for....road construction?!

This morning, a local radio station was covering the upcoming construction for this season.  Most people dread "construction season", which seems to crop up while we're still recovering from the snowy, icy roads of winter.  One project we're pretty excited about, though, is the Tower Avenue reconstruction.  Excited for road construction? Crazy, right?  Let me explain.
We have a few different tabs on the top of our blog.  The "Water and the Environment in Superior" tab has a list of contacts for various environmental/water issues.  It also has a map that show some stormwater management practices around town.  These include rain gardens, green roofs, pervious pavement, etc.  What does this have to do with road construction?  Well, we're excited for the Tower Avenue project because we'll be able to add some new things to our map.  Along with the construction of the actual road, there will be tree trenches added along the road; tree trenches are "systems of trees connected by an underground filtration system" (Philadelphia Water Department). Tree trenches store water for the trees to use in the engineered soil.  They also slow and reduce runoff.  There will also be plants in the medians, which will reduce the amount of impervious area.  So, if you're sad about dealing with construction, just think of all the good things that will come along with it!  Check out the plans here:

-Written by Jillian Schubert Edwards

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  1. As much as I hate when roads close down and traffic builds up, I do love driving on smooth roads!