Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd!

Although it certainly hasn’t felt like April in Superior lately, Earth Day (April 22nd) is fast approaching.  Earth Day was founded in the U.S. in 1970 as a day for teaching about the environment by former Wisconsin Governor and US Senator Gaylord Nelson.  The Earth Day Network organizes Earth Day each year. 
If you are interested in doing something for Earth Day, you can let the world know about your commitment on the Earth Day Network’s website (here  We also have some tips for things you can do to celebrate the Earth this April here:

1.       Plant a tree.  Trees filter air pollutants, decrease heating/cooling needed in your home, sequester carbon, create habitat for animals and insects, and reduce stormwater runoff, among many other things.

2.       Install a rain barrel.  Rain barrels provide water for lawns/gardens, reduce stormwater runoff, and lower demand on municipal water supplies.  If you’re interested, we’re selling rain barrels (at cost with tax included) through May 24th.  Visit for an order form and more information.

3.       Replace appliances and fixtures with water and energy efficient models.  When appliances and fixtures need to be replaced, choose models that will save water and/or energy; it will also save you money.

4.       Clean up your neighborhood.  Pick up dog poop from your yard.  Clean up litter, leaves and sticks from the storm drains on your street.  When it rains, all of these things can be washed into storm drains, leading to water pollution down the pipe. 

5.       Plant a rain garden.  This is a little more time intensive than the other suggestions, but planting deep-rooted native plants in a depression in your yard can be visually appealing and will also reduce stormwater runoff and water pollution.

6.       Get inside! Of the Superior Public Library, that is.  You can see artwork by the 5th and 6th graders who won our “Water is Art” contest beginning April 22nd.  You can also learn more about the Earth by checking out a book; no matter what aspect of the Earth you’re interested in, there are books to cover it!

7.       Get outside! What better way is there to celebrate the Earth than to spend some time outside of our built environment? Spending time in the woods or on the water will remind you just how much you love living in such a beautiful place.  Scientists have found that spending time in nature is also good for your health; it can increase immune system function, lower your pulse, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress.                                

There are so many other things that you can do to celebrate Earth Day!  Don't forget to take a little time to love the Earth this April 22nd.  It'll do you and the Earth good!

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