Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bringing the Poop Back to the Polluter

Rex striking a pose at Super One
Back in December, I wrote this post about picking up pet waste.  Then, in April, we celebrated Scoop the Poop Week by handing out pet waste baggie dispensers that attach to your dog's leash.  We went to different spots in Superior and gave out information about pet waste disposal.  Rex, the Regional Stormwater Protection Team's mascot, came out to get everyone excited about picking up pet waste and preventing pollution.  Some other cities, it seems, have been taking that message and turning up the intensity. An article from Mother Nature Network (here) tells of cities DNA testing dogs so that they can link poo left in public back to the dog, returning the poop to the owner in a "Lost Property" box and publicly shaming residents who don't scoop the poop.  While it seems unlikely that we would do that in Superior, it certainly seems effective.  For now, though, if you need some help remembering to Scoop the Poop, stop by our offices at 51 E 1st Street and pick up a pet waste baggie dispenser.
Written by Jillian Edwards

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