Friday, July 12, 2013

Public Participation : Time to Learn, Opportunity to Help

Announcing Two Events in Superior (July 18 and 19)– a tour to learn about the treatment of wastewaster and a volunteer opportunity to help keep Lake Superior clean.

The City of Superior would appreciate if members of the public would  participate in stenciling storm drains in Superior on Thursday, July 18 at 2 PM.  Environmental Services Division will provide all the supplies needed to mark the drains with the message “Do Not Dump  - Drains to Stream. “   The important message beside a storm drain reminds people that a stream and ultimately Lake Superior is at the other end of the drain and that whatever goes down the drain (in most cases in Superior) does NOT go to the treatment plant. We would like to mark 100 more drains this summer and early fall.    Storm drain stenciling can only be done during dry weather. By having only rain and snow melt enter storm drains our local streams and Lake Superior are kept in good water quality.  Meet at Central Park, East Pavilion near 6th Ave. E. (1.5 hours) Please RSVP.

On Friday  July 19 you can come for an educational tour of the  Superior Wastewater Treatment Plant Tours  at 4:00 PM. (about 45 minute).  It is located 51 E. 1st St., one block toward the bay from the Superior Animal Hospital.  Learn about how wastewater is treated in our community.  Water from your sinks and showers, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers comes here, goes through a treatment process, and then is released in Lake Superior.  The tour is outdoors.   Please RSVP. 

Both of these events are during the week prior to Lake Superior Day which will be celebrated on Sunday, July 21 at Barkers Island from 11:30 AM-4PM.

Please RSVP : 715-304-0392 ext. 1041 or email if you plan to attend either the public tour or public storm drain stenciling sessions.   Participants age 9 and older are welcome. 

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