Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A better approach to washing cars

Wash and water tend to go together.   Our vehicles get dirty and when it comes time that we want to clean it up many of us pull out our hose and soap to make our car shine.  An important reminder regarding washing a car is that the soap and water will flow down the nearest storm drain.  In Superior most of the drains go directly out to a stream or lake.  That means soap goes to our streams or lakes.  

What can you do?  Wash your car on your lawn rather than on the pavement will make a big difference in how much soapy water would enter a nearby stream or Lake Superior. 

A friend of mine mentioned a product that she came across promoting a way to wash your car without water.  I looked on the internet and there are several products available.

Eco Touch is one of the waterless car wash products.  You basically spray it on and wipe it off, like a window spray. 
In this case you are using essentially no water (conserving water) and not creating polluted runoff.
If you still think water needs to be part of washing a car a great option is to go to a local car wash.  Their drains are setup to clean the water.  The high-pressure water gives your car a good cleaning and your car will shine - at least for awhile until dirt, bugs, or bird droppings 'adorn' your car once again.
Cars also can be a source of pollution to water via leaks.  Keep your car maintained.  No one wants to see either the rainbow from soap or the rainbow from oil heading to a storm drain.  Let's keep the rainbow in the sky only.  
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