Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Free Home

This posting isn't actually about a free home but about having your home be toxic free by using non-toxic cleaners that you can make yourself.  In celebration of National Pollution Prevention Week we are passing out spray bottles with recipes of window cleaner and an all-purpose cleaner.   It isn't that difficult to make these cleaners and they save money. 
Here are some links to an assortment of cleaners you can make  -

Another topic is to get rid of mercury in your home.  If you have an old thermostat you might want to upgrade.  Here at the wastewater treatment facility we accept those for free as well as fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, cell phones, and other items with mercury.  There are more restrictions for having mercury-containing products for sale but it doesn't mean some don't exist in homes. 
This website by Reduce.org has more information.

Proper disposal is key to many items that you might be ready to dispose of from your home.  Old-television and computers can be dropped off at the Superior Municipal landfill for a nominal fee or at local e-waste collectors.  Here is our disposal guide linked from our website.   http://www.ci.superior.wi.us/disposalguide

I'd also hope you are working toward a yard free of chemicals, pet waste, and lawn clippings that can wash down a storm drain. 

Most of the changes we need to do save money.   Living "free" makes the environment healthier for you, for your family, and the community.

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