Friday, November 22, 2013

Sewer Overflows are a Mess - Don't Put Extra Stuff in the Toilet

Some Things
Don't Belong
in the Toilet

We want to make sure our community is aware that disposable does not mean flushable.  It is best to keep items all items beyond toilet paper and you know what out of the toilet.  Hair, toys, candy wrappers, rags, baby wipes, kitty litter, rubber items like latex gloves, cigarette butts and disposable toilet brushes should not be flushed.  Send those items to the trash can. 

It may seem like these items would not cause a problem.  However, clogs can and do happen.  Then it can be an unfortunate mess coming up from your toilet bowl - beyond what a plunger can mend.
We don't want problems further down the line either - which again can be expensive and a hassle.  Even if you are not on city sewer and have a septic service the items should still not be flushed.
Homeowners are responsible for their property's sewer pipes.  Improper flushing can lead to an extra bill for you to pay and you probably don't want that.  

A reminder too that household hazardous waste and medicines should also not be flushed.  Unwanted medicines should be brought to the Superior Police Station which has a medicine dropbox.  Medicines that comes through the sewer line to the wastewater treatment plant is not necessarily removed and can then go right out the Superior Bay - which is where our drinking water also comes from.  Measurable amounts of medicines have been found in streams and the Great Lakes.
Drugs in water   And, there are many examples of this!

Household hazardous waste should be brought to WLSSD in Duluth at 27th Ave W. and the waterfront. Their contact information is (218)722-0761.  Just because something is liquid doesn't mean it should go down a drain.  Some toxic chemicals can create a problem with the treatment process.   Many of the household hazardous waste items (HHW) can actually be recycled or, the Product Reuse Center at WLSSD is a great way to let someone else use the product, such as leftover paint.   We can all look for and use safe alternatives to products, like making your own non-toxic cleaners.
Thanks for helping to keep the sewer system working fine.  Treating wastewater is what we do and we need your help to not disrupt the good bacteria that are the workers helping to clean the water before we release it into the bay.

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