Monday, December 23, 2013

Proper Flushing Fun Reading

Ode to the Toilet
and Proper Flushing
       Read as if you are telling 
”Twas the Night Before Christmas”

 It’s oh so convenient to have bathrooms galore
   For women, for men, for youth
close to the floor.
They’re in homes, businesses, and in our schools
   Without them we would be feeling sick and blue.

sn’t it okay  to put anything down drains near to us
   Down sinks, bathtubs, toilets,
and such?
No –we must keep some things out of the city sewer route
   For quite serious problems may   come about.

Miles of sewer runs ‘neath the ground.
Infrastructure assists the flow to flow ‘round.
Night and day, the treatment process should keep workin’ fine.
   When everyone sends only the right stuff – ev’ry time.

What can cause a stir and dreadful circumstance
   Is when things can’t make it to the treatment plant.
Instead they become stuck; should never’ve been flushed
   The message of "flushable" needs to be hushed.

Dental floss, hair, and
aquarium  gravel
   Down a drain – no! – it really does matter.
It can be expensive – and cause a big mess
   A clog, Yuck! an overflow!–generates much stress!

No rags, no wrappers or grease from cooking
   The process may become halted and require us to go looking.
To remedy the problem will cost more than a dime.
   It’s better to prevent problems and not take up time.

Cotton balls, swabs, toys and cigarettes
   Toss in the garbage, not the toilet?  U bet!
Flush this? What about that? Don’t be fooled
   The toilet's not a trashcan,
please remember that rule.

Each day millions of gallons head over to us.
    We clean it and send it to the lake with no fuss.
For treatment to run smoothly and water to be cleaned
    We need everyone to use the drains as should be.

Keep wipes and facial tissue out of the bowl
   Tell your whole family and others you know.
Now you’ve been reminded what's to not go down in the loo.
   Clean water that we depend on depends on you.

The toilet, the sewer, or the        septic tank
   May be in real danger from a little ol' prank.
It’s simple what we all need to do:
   Use drains properly all the year through.

Find disposal info on the
City website
   On what do to with meds, paint, oil, and the like.
We clean wastewater, we’re the other end of the pipe.
   Thanks for helping us keep things working right.

2013 – Wendy @ the Superior Wastewater Treatment Plant

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