Friday, February 14, 2014

Water Film Night Survey results

Thank you to those who came out last night for our first free Water Film Fest night at UWS.  Thanks to the Lake Superior Research Institute for helping with the event and for all the local filmmakers and filmmakers beyond our region.

Here are the responses to a short survey that was handed out at the event.

Do you think water quality is better now than 50 years ago in the US?

   39% Yes
   47% No
 ~1% In some ways
 ~1% Don't know
 ~1% A little in some cases

What do you think is most important for water quality in the future?

  29% Education
  19% Government regulation
  14% Natural habitat
  14% Engineering design
   1% Individual action
  0.5% Population control, Global Warming, Conservation  (each 0.5%)

What do you view as the main water quality concern?

industrial pollution
oil industry
toxic runoff from mines
nonpoint pollution
Use of rivers/reservoirs
Invasive species
Red clay
contaminated sediments
proposed mining
Prescription drugs and chemicals
Too many chemicals are used
Overdevelopment - too many impervious surfaces

What do you suggest to improve local water quality?

Reduce chemical contamination
Reduce pollution
Reduce plastics
Social responsibility
Fire and rehire at the EPA
Educational programs in schools
Educ. about nonpt pollution
Not sure
Engage organizations, citizens and gov
Disseminate education info through variety of media
Develop/produce programs to schools, integrate into curriculum
Protect and restore wetlands and estuary
Less use of drugs and chemicals
Clean polluted sites
Curb development
I think ours is good
Better shoreline landscaping

What local water bodies do you spend the most time in or near?

Lake Superior
Duluth area lakes
local lakes
Middle river
Lake Superior/Wi Point
Amity Creek
Lester River/creeks
Fish pine creek, white river, WI
St. Louis River
Creeks in Duluth
St. Louis Bay & River
Nemadji River

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