Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

What's green and looks like a mail box?

It's the drug dropoff box located in the Superior Police Department lobby.  It's open from 8AM-4:30PM. 

If you have any unwanted medicines in your home it's best to remove them to avoid harm to others.
Bring the unwanted medicines there.  Do not flush medicines as the wastewater treatment plant is not designed to remove them from the wastewater. 

In Duluth this Friday, Oct 10 is a Medicine Take Back Day.  Medicines can be dropped off at WLSSD from 9AM-5PM on Friday.  This is the last of their 4 collections in 2014.  Police stations in Duluth and Hermantown have dropoff boxes, too. 

Proper disposal of medicines, household hazardous waste, and recyclables makes a difference in preventing pollution. 

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