Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Teacher Tab

Thank you for visiting our blog where we share news, events, information and more about stormwater and how we can prevent stormwater pollution.  We love to go out and visit classrooms, the senior center, organizations, and work with Lake Superior NERR.  We also know teachers are key people for encouraging education and understanding of water and water topics.

There is a new TAB on this blog - FOR TEACHERS.  It has some maps and exercises for students to learn more about local impervious areas, such as their school.  It also has an exercise to calculate (using a USGS website) how much water falls during a given rainfall.  All the water has to go somewhere. 

I hope these pictures and the activity on the new page will be a good resource for engaging students and local learning and helping keep our local waters clean.  We all make a difference.

Go to the NEW  FOR TEACHERS tab

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