Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basement Flooding

Although it's not really the season for it, there was an article on the Great Lakes Echo website (obviously a favorite over here) yesterday about flooding entitled “Urban flooding a regional dilemma”.  The article covers a study conducted in Chicago that looks at the problem of basement flooding region-wide.  They found that every city they contacted reported flooding (Center for Neighborhood Technology, 2012).  According to the article, some people will experience up to 40 household floods in their lives (Great Lakes Echo, 2013).
Many people don’t seek help for basement flooding because they don’t want anyone to know.  They’re afraid it will hurt their property values.  However, there are programs in place to help people with home flooding.  In Superior, we have the Stormwater Flood Control Program (SFCP).  The purpose of the SFCP is to reduce inflow and infiltration entering the sanitary and combined sewer system through private plumbing.  It is a voluntary program for homeowners who have experienced basement flooding and who live in a single-family, owner-occupied residential home in the City of Superior.  Homeowners can request information from our website here.  The program sets out to assist homeowners with stormwater-related issues, identify factors that contribute to flooding potential, give suggestions to prevent flooding, clarify the responsibilities of the homeowner and the City, and reduce incidences of basement flooding in owner-occupied, single-family homes.  For more information, contact Curt Sander-Berg and 715-394-0392 ext. 1002.

-Written by Jillian Schubert Edwards

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