Monday, January 21, 2013

WhadayaKnow? How can we improve water quality in the Great Lakes?

Great Lakes Echo is a great website for news about the Great Lakes basin.  They also put together a lot of great informational videos.  Their "WhadayaKnow" series is especially interesting because they ask random people on the street questions about the Great Lakes.  The video below shows people's responses to the question "How can we improve water quality in the Great Lakes?".  Everyone they spoke to had good ideas to improve water quality, many of which are implemented in one way or another.  However, I didn't hear any of the people they stopped mention stormwater pollution.  This is surprising, since stormwater is the largest contributor of water quality pollution to urban waterways in the United States.  Many people probably don't realize that most stormwater drains go straight to waterways without being treated.  Our goal on the Superior Stormwater blog is to make more people aware of this and give you more information on reducing stormwater pollution and water pollution in general.  We hope that after reading our blog, you have a lot of ideas for how to improve water quality by reducing stormwater pollution.  Thanks for reading!

-Written by Jillian Schubert Edwards

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