Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Battery and Cell Phone Recycling a Success


I received an e-mail yesterday morning about the past year's success of the Call2Recycle program.  I was excited to see this, mostly because I recognized the name and logo from a box in our building.  If you've never heard of Call2Recycle, here's a brief overview.  Call2Recycle is a free rechargeable and cell phone recycling program serving North America.  It is funded by manufacturers of these products, but is a non-profit organization. 
The good news from Call2Recycle is that battery collections have increased 16% from 2011.  Ten million pounds of batteries were collected in 2012 (see the original news release here).  The good news for Superior residents is that there are many collection sites in our area.  If you're looking for a recycling location, check out their map here.  When you reach the end of your cell phone's life, don't throw it in the trash (it's illegal!), take it to one of the Call2Recycle locations in Superior.   

Call2Recycle Website

-Written by Jillian Schubert Edwards

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