Monday, February 18, 2013

Bring It, Bag It, Dispose of It - or Get a Helper

This posting is about pet waste.  Most people enjoy going on walks with their dogs.  Really, most dogs love going on walks with their owners/family.  When heading out on walk, be sure to BRING IT - that is, bring bags along for picking up waste.  Bags are easy to tuck into a pocket or now leashes or collars are available with a little bag dispenser built in.  In Superior, there are five Mutt Mitt dispensers in more highly used park areas.  The Mutt Mitts are bio-degradable and come with a thicker area to be the glove part.   The second thing to remember when on your walk is to BAG IT.  You brought a bag now use it after you spot your dog doing its duty.  If you don't pick up, it more likely to be trampled by someone else and when the next rain or snow melt conditions come along the waste may travel down to the nearest storm drain and travel untreated out to a nearby stream or lake.
The next step is to DISPOSE OF IT.  After you have picked it up with a bag, be sure to carry it to the next garbage can.  Over the weekend I went walking with my husband on the Lakewalk in Duluth and saw several dumped bags with pet waste in them.  Not good.  Please make sure you dispose of the bags properly.  
The fourth item in the title of this blog is GET A HELPER.  If you have a fenced yard and don't have time to do waste pickup in your yard or need some assistance, you can call on a new local business.  Duluth Dog Waste Removal.  The service offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanups of your yard.  Here is the contact information.
Charlie Bray
Duluth Dog Waste Removal

A day's waste from one large dog can contain 7.8 billion fecal coliform bacteria. 
 Waste doesn't stay where it was deposited so picking it up with a bag or scooper and putting it in the trash.  Thank you for taking steps for a cleaner environment.  Maybe reward yourself with a nice walk on a sunny day.

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