Thursday, January 30, 2014

Health Fair at the Mariner Mall this Saturday - Feb 1

Come to the 

Health & Wellness Fair 

at the Mariner Mall 

on Saturday, Feb 1.  

Environmental Services will have a booth on Greener Cleaning on ways you can clean your home in a way more safe for you, your family and the environment.  The fair will include numerous booths on assessing your health and keeping healthy.  We know there is a link between health of the environment and health of people and our pets.   Feel free to ask us questions at our booth to learn more about how to keep the environment cleaner by properly disposing of household hazardous waste, keeping storm drains clear, and not flushing extra things or even old medicine down the toilet or into a drain.

How healthy is your home?

How healthy is your yard?

How healthy is our community?

Choosing products that are more environmentally-friendly will help with your health, your yard's health, and the health of our community.

We will have some complimentary items - spray bottle with a recipe to make your own non-toxic cleaner and a few other items.

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