Friday, January 17, 2014

In the Community and Keeping in Touch



and this blog are some of the ways we would love to stay in touch with you.

  Also, we have education outreach displays and tables out in the community.  One is at the Mariner Mall, on the side hall toward the daycare area.  Another display is at the Blaine Center, next Jimmy Johns.  We also regularly have an educational table at the Government Center which has an environmental message and often some of our free giveaways.
We also are available to come to a local group or event to give a presentation or set up a learning table display.   We hope you will attend our community events which will be announced through the media.   We are developing puppet shows to go out to local schools and youth groups.  We also have a water wheel which works well at a fair to let kids spin the wheel and then answer a question. 
Rex also makes appearances at events.  You can also give us a call 715-394-0392 to talk more about our programs. 

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