Monday, March 17, 2014

All About Water - at the Water Fair

Tomorrow is the big Water Fair scheduled at the Mariner Mall.  It is for 5th graders from Bryant and Cooper Elementary School.  There will be 10 learning stations with experts from the community having an activity and learning opportunity for the kids.  Guests are coming from the WI DNR, EPA, NOAA, MN Sea Grant, NERR, Lake Superior Research Institute, Environmental Services, and a retired teacher, current teacher, and other adult helpers will be a part of it.

These are some of the questions the students will be able to answer after being part of the morning activities.  Do you know responses to all of these questions?

What is a watershed?

Name types of pollution that are considered to be non-point source pollution?

How do natural plants affect the amount and quality of runoff compared to bare soil?  What is one way a person can reduce stormwater runoff?

What is used to test water quality?  What are 3 main pollutants?

What species of fish live in the St. Louis River and other streams that flow into Lake Superior? Why do we count the fish and how are they counted?

What is bathymetry?

Where are the deeper areas of Lake Superior?

Name 3 aquatic invasive species.

How can we stop the spread?

What is a staff gauge? How can we mitigate (or reduce the effects of) flooding?

What is a retention pond and what is its use?

What effect do wetlands have on flooding?

What is the difference between climate and weather? Why are wetlands important for mitigating flooding?  What are some climate change impacts on Lake Superior streams?  What are some climate change impacts on Minnesota forests ecosystems?

What is bioaccumulation?

What chemicals bio-accumulate?

Where do the chemicals come from?

What watershed do you live in?  If you were a drop of water that landed outside of your house tomorrow, what path would you follow to get to the Atlantic Ocean?

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