Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Preparing for spring snow melt (by MPCA)

Warmer Temperatures are Coming Up! 

Protect Minnesota’s waters by making sure your site is ready for the spring melt! Spring Melt

 Before snow melt or rainfall, take extra care to ensure all erosion and sediment controls are in place and functioning properly.

 Be sure to inspect and maintain before and during spring melt:

ü  Silt fences

ü  Biorolls

ü  Mulch

ü  Erosion blankets

ü  Sediment basins

ü  Inlet protection

ü  All other erosion and sediment control BMPs

 Check for Sediment Deposits in:

ü  Surface waters

ü  Drainage ditches

ü  Site exits

ü  Curb and gutters

ü  Catch basins

ü  Sediment basins

ü  Infiltration areas


Required inspections (by a trained individual) and maintenance schedule must begin within 24 hours after runoff occurs at the site or 24 hours prior to resuming construction, whichever comes first. Resume inspections meeting permit requirements when site conditions are appropriate.

 PCA imageFind more information at:



Minnesota Stormwater Hotline

651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804

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  1. Looks like the snow is finally starting to melt in the high mountains, so hopefully the water levels don't rise too high!