Thursday, May 22, 2014

Soil Testing & Compost Basics Classes May 31 - Free


May 31, 2014

Wessman Arena – Caitlin and 28th St.

Noon – Soil Sampling and Testing

                Learn how to take a soil sample to submit for analysis.  A discounted price for the lab sampling will be available to those attending this demo.   You will also learn how to read a soil sample test and how to improve your garden or yard’s soil.  Directions and demo on collecting a sample will be done in this session.  Guest: Jane Anklam, horticulturalist with the UW Extension.
You will have a week to then submit a sample to UW Extension in the Douglas County Courthouse, 1313 Belknap St., Room 107. 

The lab test fee is $12 ($8 plus $4 Shipping & Handling) which is a reduced price going to a lab in Marshfield, WI.  The soil test will let the landowner know :

*N-P-K needed for the plants being planted
*If there is excessive or  low amounts of  P and K in the soil
* What the % of organic matter is in the soil
* If there is a call for lime to be added

1 P.M.  Compost class

This free one-hour long class will include the basics about compost, what you can compost, and trouble-shooting about composting.  Participants earning a Master Composter class will be present and get you ready for making great soil by composting.

From 9 am -2 p.m. a rain barrel and composter pre-order pickup will be going on.  A limited quantity of extras will be for sale. 

There will also be a display setup on Vermi-composting.  Using worms to breakdown food waste.

These learning opportunities are brought to you by the City of Superior Environmental Services.  For information about these events or other learning opportunities go to  Pre-registration for the classes is not required. 

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