Thursday, August 21, 2014

Structural Soil & North Tower Ave project

Last week one part of the bus tour we hosted was a drive along the newly reconstructed North Tower Ave.

Here is a closer look at what was planted there:
Common Hackberry
Discovery Elm
Harvest Gold Linden
Ivory Silk Lilac Tree
Honey Locust
Northwood Maple

Alpine Spirea
Dakota Spirea
Little Prince Spirea
Prairie petite lilac

Blue forest Juniper
Valley Cushion Pine

Feather reed grass
Prairie Dropseed

Together over 2000 plants were planted on the stretch of road north of Belknap.

To better ensure the survivability of the trees and plants a water system is in place and also structural soil developed at Cornell that uses Hydrogel has been used.  Here is a link to learn more about the special soil that keeps spaces open (reduced compaction potential) so that water can be more available to trees.

Belknap Street Project is coming next.

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