Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wastewater Treatment - What is involved?

This morning was our annual August public wastewater treatment tour.  Six community members came to learn and walk through the steps as the wastewater continues on its path through the plants being cleaned before being discharged to Superior Bay of Lake Superior.  Coming on a tour is a great way to learn about the steps and you will understand more why certain things should not be flushed.  Keeping 'stuff' from coming here in the first place can make a difference in local water quality.

We have extension construction going on here but we made it safely around to stop at each of the steps.  The Belt Filter Press was even operating.  That's one of my favorite stops.  It the final step for the solids and follows anaerobic digestion in the digesters.   Dewatering is done via pressing to reduce water so fewer trucks are needed to haul the end sludge away to the landfill. 

I've made up a short quiz about wastewater treatment here and I encourage you to take it and see how you do.  You can find it under the Quiz tab in the blog. 
It should less than 5 minutes.  See how you do.

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