Monday, January 12, 2015

Orb365 Project Jan 16

Orb365 project is coming up this week!

This Friday afternoon - Jan 16 - will be the assemblage of 365 frozen water spheres (orbs).  Environmental Services invited the public to participate and fill balloons with water and made round frozen "bricks."   About 200 community members from youth to seniors are participating from a school, local organizations, businesses, county government and city government staff.  The sculpture to be built at Center City Park, near Belknap and Tower, will include all the spheres.  Thank goodness it's looking like the air temperature won't be quite a low numbers as the last week.  The sculpture will last how ever long it lasts.

Each sphere represents a day in the year that water is important. 

Thanks to all who are participating:
Cathedral School students
Senior Nutrition
Superior Fusion
Thirsty Pagan
CASDA youth
Fairlawn Mansion
Lake Superior NERR
Center for Muscle and Joint Therapy 
Geraldine Hughes, master gardener
Stephanie - Clerk - Douglas Co.
Habitat for Humanity ReStore store
Mac's Sport
Shannon's Stained Glassery
Superior Library staff
Cathy Casper
Long Family
and more!

Whether you participate in making the orbs for this event or make one or more at home.  Hold up the sphere and think of it as a water drop.  What journey will that drop make in a given year?   Inside us is part of the story.
We are also part of the effort to help keep it clean. 

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