Monday, January 19, 2015

Orb365 Update

Thank you to the over 25 businesses, organizations, and community members who participated in making ice orbs!  Each orb was representing a day in the year that water is important.  Over 365 came in - some were on the liquid-side and some cracked so the extras helped.  
365 is a pretty big number and orb by orb the numbers grew. 

This project location was Center City Park on Belknap and Tower Ave.

Thanks to Cathedral students who made 200 of the ice orbs.  Wow!   Here is Principal Carr dropping their batch off.

I picked up orbs from a dozen places and the colorful pile grew.

As the pieces of the balloons were removed (it took tubs of warm water using rubber gloves to do the task with some of them) the beauty of the orbs was fantastic to see on the clear and the dyed ones.  It was so fun to see the orbs of different sizes - and even shapes. 

The sculpture that resulted - well - there were plans of building a taller organic shape - partly as if it was a person - since we are over half water.  The balls in the given temperature didn't want to stack more than 5 or so high.  The sculpture that was 'born' was a rather simple organic low-to-the-ground- shape.  It has a head and two arms reaching out.  One arm could be thought of as a pollution prevention arm and the other as water conservation arm.    Or, with a more city twist, one could be Superior and one could be Duluth.  Here in the Twin Ports are watersheds are shared, our wastewater treatment plants both discharge into the St. Louis River, and our community members live, work, and play in this special place on the western edge of Lake Superior.  
Here it is -  Orb 365.  Maybe it could be called Twin-Pus (like an Octopus but with only two arms).
Stop by and wander over to the 'statue.'  A 3-D shape can be explored from all angles.  The issues relating to water also come from many angles.   As a reminder there will be a Water Film Fest with a dozen short films coming up January 29.  I've sent up film on assorted topics on water.  Some local productions by local filmmakers will be part of this program.  Free movies.  Bring yourself.  Bring a friend.  Thank you to those who participate in the City of Superior Environmental Services events.  It means a lot to learn more about water quality and how we make a difference.  All of us.

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