Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Benefits of Wetlands

World Wetland Day was this past Monday (February 2, 2015). Wetlands come in various shapes and sizes, but must have these three components: Hydrology (soil must be saturated for 5% of growing season); Soils (must contain characteristics indicating water - like clay); and Vegetation (must contain wetland species). If you think this sounds like the entire city of Superior you would be correct! Superior is covered in wetlands.

Here are some benefits of wetlands:
  • Flood control. They can slow runoff, minimizing the effect of floods. 
  • Natural filter. They store nutrients and pollutants in the soil, allowing cleaner water to flow out. Some of the vegetation like cattails absorb pollutants. 
  • Wildlife habitat. Many animals depend on wetlands for homes and resting spots. 
  • Recreation. Wetlands are a great place to hunt, fish, explore, and overall enjoy nature!
Learn more about Wisconsin wetlands here:

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