Friday, February 6, 2015

Extended Deadline for 4th Quarter Bill!!

New deadline for sewage, stormwater, and recycling bill is now FEBRUARY 23, 2014 (bill states Feb. 13).
Bills were sent out later than usual due to software issues and other changes. Read more about it in the telegram article.

Fourth Quarter bill includes:
Stormwater fees for July-December 2014 (previously mailed as a separate semi-annual bill)
Sewages fees for October-December 2014
Recycling fees for November-December 2014*
*This is a new fee that the City enacted in November

The City combined the Sewage, Stormwater, and Recycling fees into ONE BILL sent out on a quarterly basis. Rates of sewage and stormwater DID NOT change. The switch to one bill will hopefully create less confusion and be beneficial to everyone.

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