Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plants, Gardens, Compost - the season is coming, the time is now

There's a bit of a rain shower going on now in Superior.  The temperatures are slowing going up and putting us into GARDEN MODE.  Coming up at noon today will be a webinar on the Basics of Composting.  We all can do it and encourage others to compost in their yards.  It's not too difficult and having a bin will help keep it even more tidy.  If you miss the webinar you can watch it later at your convenience at www.ci.superior.wi.us/webinar.   Later in May (on May 28) we will have one on Terrific Trees.  On Tuesday, May 21 Native Plant Night will be held at the Superior Public Library at 6 p.m. 
Four guest speakers will be coming in and talking about native plants and there will be booths for more information.  

I'll put in a plug for the Duluth Community Garden Program who is having their seed and transplant sale coming up on Friday, May 24 in the evening, and Saturday, May 25.  More information is at http://www.duluthcommunitygarden.org/Events_Other_Gardening_Events.html  

Also, on Saturday May 25 at the Rose Garden parking lot in Duluth, numerous community garden clubs will have a mix of plants for sale.  It's always fun to learn more about plants.   It's neat to dream about the array of flowers that will bloom over the summer and the variety of leaves, colors, textures, and aromas that plants add to a yard and to our lives.   Here in the Environmental Services Division we also know there is value to native plants - especially when set up in a rain garden.  Meanwhile, trees and shrubs also beautify places and also offer wildlife habitat and even food for bees and critters. 

Notice how this blog now has a calendar.  We will add our events in that format to help keep you better informed. 

Finally, coming up tomorrow on May 15 is Fairlawn's Garden Market taking place at the Armory in Superior.  The event will run from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.  We have donated a rain barrel to be part of drawings that will be held during the day.  Stop by our booth.  Rain barrels, rain gardens, and compost are our topics of the day.

Warmer days are ahead. 

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