Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recycling water at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

We are the middle of giving tours to 5th graders at schools in Superior.  The busload of youth come in and we give them the tour - step by step - what happens to the influent (the incoming water) before it is prepared to leave the plant and head out to Lake Superior. 

We've also been doing an indoor component to their time here - putting the steps of the treatment in order and playing Jeopardy - water style.   We're glad to give tours to groups and people who are in interested in learning about what goes on here in these little 'village' of buildings and tanks.   We think it's cool!    We're glad to be a part of cleaning water and, on the education side, to give reminders about how we can prevent pollution.   The toilet isn't a trash can - so please make sure you are not putting down household hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, rags, toys, etc.  

The treatment process has come along way since the plant opened in 1955.   More steps to clean since then are allowing cleaner water to be released.  Also, the new addition this past fall of using UV light to do the final cleaning of the water has replaced chlorinated the water and future environmental issues that could have occurred from the release of chlorine heading out in the lake. 

We will be setting up some public open tours in July during the week prior to Lake Superior Day but if you have a group that would be interested, give us a call at 715-394-0392 and we can set something up.  You can watch the water flow through step after step and see the 'outs' along the way, including the final sludge. 

The plant is about doing what nature would do to clean the water.  We all can learn a lot from nature.

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