Thursday, May 30, 2013

Will It Flush? And Better Yet, Should You Flush It?

Last week, we finished up our 5th grade tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  We gave tours to close to 300 students.  Teachers and chaperones came too.  You can learn more about the tours here.  One thing I told the students is that the first step of the process is the bathroom...or the kitchen....or wherever you are using water in your house.  Once the water arrives here, large items are screened out.  Throughout the process, you can see some of the things that the screens were not able to capture right away.  There are all sorts of nasty things in the water; I won't go into detail, but we should all know not to flush them.  The kids were surprised to see some of these things that clearly shouldn't be flushed floating around in our wastewater.  However, it's not always so clear what we should and should not flush.  Sometimes, something will flush, but will get caught and clog your pipes.  Check out the video below from the City of Spokane and WEF to see why flushing things that you shouldn't can be a big problem for you and for the City. 

-Written by Jillian Schubert Edwards

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