Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Talk Lawns, Rain Barrel Sale, Storm Drain Artists

This post is a 3 in one.
1. Let's Talk Lawns program.  Speakers on healthy soils, organic lawn care, and keeping your yard clean.  The talk starts at 6 p.m. at the Superior Public Library.  We will also have some prizes.  Come learn.

2. This week's weather forecast is wet all week.  Have you ever collected or 'harvested' rain to use later?  Rain collected from your roof makes a good water source for lawns and gardens.  UWS is having a rain barrel and composter sale. 
The prices are $55 for a rain barrel and $45 for an Earth Machine composter.   Please pre-order by May 5.  Call Carrie at 715/394-8525. The form is available at
There will also be a Truckload sale of the same items and same prices at Lake Superior College parking lot on the morning of May 17.

3. Finally, you'll be hearing more and seeing more art in Superior as six local artists have been selected to paint their artwork beside a storm drain in Superior.  The six drains are spread throughout town and will be painted in May  (we need dry weather....!!!)

2014 Superior Storm Drain Artists

The six selected artists are:
Tom Rep, Jeredt Runions, Falyn McCotter, Colin James Wiita, Holly Bounting, and Chelsey Miller.

Stay tunes as their work becomes part of Superior - and part of a message and awareness about stormwater pollution. 

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