Monday, April 21, 2014

Stuff going on this week

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Earth Day! We only have one Earth, and it is our roles to protect it.  

Wednesday is World Book Night at the Superior Middle School. It is a free, community event. You can browse books and other materials at the booths. We'll be there with free bookmarks and info on pet waste. Come check it out and pick up a free book!

Thursday is the start of Scoop the Poop Week! Are you finding a lot of pet waste with the melting snow? It is time to scoop it up! Pet waste carries may diseases and should not be left on the ground. It is considered a pollutant to the environment just like pesticides.

Friday is Arbor Day! Plant a tree. Trees are very beneficial to water quality. They help stabilize soils and prevent erosion, they slow down runoff by retaining rain water in their leaves and roots. We'll be out at the library for a little bit during their book sale, and a couple of the Super Ones in town to acknowledge Scoop the Poop week.

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