Thursday, April 10, 2014

UWS Science Night is Friday, April 11 starting at 5 p.m.

All ages can learn more about science and the environment by an event organized by Students of Science at UWS.  The event will have learning stations (including us) and some additional activities.

Professor Gizmo and birds from the Raptor Center are also part of the evenings activities.

The Environmental Services booth will have EnviroScape which is a model part of a town to use as a learning tool about stormwater runoff.  Industries are point source pollutants.

What are some nonpoint source pollutants? 

Here are a few:

soil erosion from a construction site
fertilizer from a yard or golf course
dog waste (bacteria and organics)
dripped oil from a vehicle
dirt from a roof
waste from a farm
grass clippings and leaves from a lawn in the street
soap from washing a vehicle on an impervious surface

If you would like us to come visit a school group or club in Superior and bring along this interactive model, just let us know.

The model is for talking about where nonpoint solution comes from but also how we can prevent it. 

Can you think how a town could help reduce stormwater pollution runoff? 

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